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FM Chiropractor Gets Booted


Phoenix Rising Founder
Some FM patients have been after Paul Whitcomb and the Fibromyalgia Relief Center in Lake Tahoe, for years claiming that his unique approach to FM was bogus. they were able to cite numerous instances in which he, while charging high prices, promised to deliver incredible results - and then turned his back on patients once those results didn't show up.

I don't know much about this case but it appears at this time justice was done. This wasn't the FDA - it was a California Chiropractic Association that took away his license to treat.


Apparently he felt that one particular vertebrae was out of place and he would adjust patients relentlessly - 14 times a week for 4,5 weeks to get it back in - and then he'd go on to do ancillary adjustments - apparently costing enormous amounts of money. The patient might feel better - several said they did feel better - but once they were off the treatments they relapsed.


Excellent Post..


Excellent post...

So many of us are so ill that we would spend our last dollar on a treatment that had even a 1% chance of success.

Ripoff scams like this are reason why I urge everyone to hold on to their money until a real cause for this illness can be pinpointed, and a treatment validated by peer reviewed research.

Until then, we should be organizing and lobbying for funding.


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Ashland, Oregon
Dr. Whitcomb - Chiropractic for FM

Hi Cort,

I was interested to read this. I've been familiar with Dr. Whitcomb and his FM program, and have been pretty dismayed by what I've read and learned. It would indeed seem justice is playing out as it should.

Best, Wayne