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Fluconazole combinations to fight Candida

I recently came across a study on the effect of Fluconazole together with Doxycycline against Candida Albicans: Potent synergistic effect of doxycycline with fluconazole against Candida albicans is mediated by interference with iron homeostasis

Now this study seems to touch 2 problems I have: higher iron in my blood and an unresolved gastro-intestinal problem(for which I've been to lots of doctors and tried lots of treatments, including Nystatin, with no success). As Candida seems to prefer people with high iron(as can be seen in an other study), I'm thinking that this combination might be great for me. The only problem is: they don't mention what oral concentration to use for the two drugs and I doubt I would be able to find a doctor in my area who can say for sure what is needed. I would try 50mg Fluconazole and 100mg Doxycycline but this is just a guess based on what little information they mention in the study.

Has any anyone tried this combination and can provide more info?
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Unfortunately while studding the pharmacokinetcs of Doxycycline I discovered that a dose of 200mg leads to a blood concentration of around 3ug/ml which is nowhere near the 25-50 ug/ml they used in the study:
reported peak plasma concentration of 1.7 to 5.9 mg/mL after 2 to 3 hours

I'm thinking that this combination is not just feasible.

Now I'm looking into other combinations:

Quercetin + Fluconazole: Quercetin sensitizes fluconazole-resistant candida to induce apoptotic cell death

Resveratrol + Fluconazole: Synergistic antifungal activity of resveratrol with azoles against Candida