Find a sensitive diagnostic method for detect all pathogens include Retrovirus

Hi Everyone

I am Richard from China, this January I got infected due to a kiss with a lady. Then I felt symptoms and getting worse and worse I felt this time is a strange pathogen so I decided use mNGS/ Metagenomic Next Generation Sequencing to find out what it is. I unexpected found HERV-K in my test results.

I am now taking Lamivudine to release symptoms and control the steps of disease.

Below is some useful link to share with everyone.

Here is some useful links for your reference.

Pls note I am not selling or advertising for something. I live in China and I can not get any benefit from any of your activities. I just found your group still feel difficult to define what is the real pathogen of ME/CFS. Seems very few people did try mNGS sequencing to find truth.

Thanks and welcome any discussion.