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Ferritin - Potential measure of a silent killer in the COVID-19 pandemic


Senior Member
Ferritin is an accessible storage for iron in the body. It allows iron to be available without being toxic to the body. Most cells have some ferritin but primary storage locations are specific.

There are three main locations for ferritin to be stored:
  1. Liver
  2. Enterocytes of the small intestine
  3. Macrophages
What is serum ferritin?
Serum ferritin is a blood test, usually measured by your doctor to identify iron deficiency anaemia, when levels are found to be low.
It can be raised acute inflammation, hemochromatosis, Still’s disease and macrophage activation syndrome.
Severe COVID-19 is also associated with an abnormally elevated ferritin level, which possibly points to macrophage activation as being central to the disease pathophysiology. In most cases, ferritin levels return to normal within a few months, once the patient has recovered.
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