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Feet So Cold it's Painful. Is this Neuropathy?


But I Look So Good.
Left Coast
It started last November, seemingly out of the blue, where my feet got so cold it was painful.

It came and went for a while but now both my feet have it. It's gotta be 90 deg inside my place and my feet are still cold. It also feels like there is a band around my ankles. I have no tingling or numbness with this and my hands are fine.

Is this neuropathy or just some other crazy thing with this damn disease.


Lynne B

Senior Member
sydney, australia
Hi, Minkeygirl, I have the opposite to you most of the time, namely swollen feet and ankles, with tingling, burning toes. The pain can become unbearable with stabbing pains unless I get the cold packs, remove any clothing lower down and lower the room or bed temperature. I also have to sleep with feet hanging out of the bed. Though sometimes that means that a part of the foot accidentally touching the bedding will get swollen and burning, while another part will be glacial. Sometimes they get so cold they hurt from that, and I have to draw them under the covers.

So the neurologist has done all sorts of tests and diagnosed small fibre neuropathy for the pain, but can't understand the swelling. I'm on Lyrica, which certainly helps with sleep but I'm putting up with several side effects. I'm hoping to persuade him to try Low Dose Naltrexone instead. There have been several posts on Cort Johnson's site Health Rising about the coincidence that many of us with fibromyalgia actually have small fibre neuropathy. http://www.cortjohnson.org/blog/2013/

I also just happened on the Wikipedia thread on CRPS, or complex regional pain syndrome and was horrified to see images that I could identify with my own condition. It's worth reading though I don't know if it applies to you.

Anyway, I suggest you consider whether small fibre neuropathy is applicable to you and follow up on the neuropathy route.

Regards, Lynne