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Feeling worse after waking up.


as long as you manage to stay alive, there's hope
I feel the worst when waking up, specially from naps, I feel dizzy, tired, extremely weak muscle wise, nauseated, etc. I can describe as beiNg POISONED. THE ISSUE IMPROVES AFTER TWO OR MORE HOURS, YET I still have the regular me cfs symptoms. I wonder what causes this... any literature on the subject?
Aditional info. I only have a cortisol measure, done in the morningbefire eating anithing, and the result is a little hig ¿any thoughs? Ive seen cortisol mentioned many times in this thread, i simply can read it all right now, brain fog, you get me :(


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if your adrenals are high or highish in the mornings that is not typical for CFS. Doesn't mean you don't have it as low cortisol isn't part of CFS criteria (as far as I am aware..).

It doesn't explain why you feel bad in the morning (if I am reading you correctly and apologies it not)


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Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
You can have high or low cortisol and have cfs.
I have had both ends.of the spectrum.
Adrenal capacity is the issue.
Its inability to cope with the bodys required levels of neuro hormones.
Getting particularly strained as the body requests extra cortisol am.
Same thing if you have a nightmare....next day exhausted as you place adrenaline demands during the dream...adrenals glands overworked.
gulf war illness and cfs have similar properties.
All down to adrenal loading.