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Feeling like catching the cold but somehow not getting it


Senior Member
Hi all,

one of my most annoying symptoms for a long time now is that I feel like catching the cold on a daily basis. This happens mostly in the evening. I feel like breaking into shivers while at the same time my body temperature is below normal (so no fever). During these times I feel very weak and unpleasant. However during 90% of these events I feel "normal" again the next morning while in addition to that mucus accumulated in my throat and my nose started running during the night a few times. Sometimes (twice a year maybe) I even catch the cold but NEVER longer than 2 days. I feel bad for one complete day but after I slept the whole night I'm "fine" again, at least I don't have this infected feeling and no runny nose anymore. Moreover my brain fog disappears when I have fever. My brain suffers from fever of course but I feel more normal during the fever times than else during the year. Does anyone else have similar experiences?


Senior Member
I have the opposite problem. I get a lot of colds and flu and have them for 2 or three weeks. Currently I'm going on 2 1/2 weeks on this head cold. I think I'm getting better but I have to take care or it could go into my chest. At it's worst I was using about 50 tissues a day. (Sorry, environment.)

I don't know if that means your immune system is working well. Do you have allergies? If so maybe that side of your immune system is out of whack and not this side, the viral fighting side. But I'm sure it's more complicated than that. Dr. Perrin thinks that feeling like you're catching something but never catching it is a sign your immune system is NOT working well. I don't know. Our immune systems are all over the place, I guess.