Feeling anxious about going back to work after six months


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Kelly8, he! I think you're going to have a harder time than you're anticipating, unless it's part-time work. Also, I think COVID could be worse than the common cold....depending upon the strain.

An already ill person, taking on a full-time job and a 5 yr. child, plus IVIG treatments, is bound to have some repercussions. Yes, your immune system may be stronger, but it could still be a true bother for you.

How much will you have to do when you return home? Will someone have a meal ready for you, help clean the house, the washing and help with your child? And then we have the added problem of people not wearing masks or the proper type of masks for the coronavirus....what bores we sometime have in our society. What does the sign on the door say? Perhaps a change is needed or perhaps it's perfectly acceptable. Use plenty of liquid antibacterial soap, wipe the conveyor belt down frequently...set up a plan of what to do.

I'm trying very hard not to discourage you, but is there any way you could do part-time work? Would that money even be enough to satisfy what you need? These are questions that I would seriously think about. On the other hand, if you really need that money, you need it.

How about the boss? Couldn't he patrol more often or check from his office and see the types of people roaming the store aisles? You surely can't be the only one with this problem. I don't know where you live, but a lot of states are already seeing a serious uptick in cases and it's becoming more prevalent every day. I'd hate to see you as one of those numbers. Perhaps you should talk to other cashiers and find out if people are taking it more seriously than since last time you worked.

We now know that cloth masks aren't effective, or at least very much. That does leave you at greater risk. Is management doing something about this? It should at least give people the proper kind of masks that will help protect you and the other cashiers. I would be inclined to want to know more about what I'm stepping into and whether or not your boss is supportive.

There is also a right way and wrong way to put on the disposable ones....the person should know and point it out to the customer. I hate to overburden you (and I'm sure you're feeling that way now). But to up your chances of staying as healthy as possible, perhaps you should consider working with long sleeves and wearing good fitting latex gloves. I don't really know your total health picture, so may be overreacting. You have to determine that. In my case, I have zero immune system left and I have to take extreme precautions. But I'm also 73 yrs. old with a variety of other serious problems....I'm not you.

These are just some point to consider. They aren't meant to discourage you, but do gather information. Ask the people giving you the treatments if the treatments will offer better protection and when it will kick in.

You may have to look into Medicaid. I simply don't know....but think you should look at the Internet page on it and determine whether or not you could qualify, whether or not you could live on the amount it offers, etc. I'd start with my doctor or PA (physician's assistant) and get the answers to the IVIG questions. Tell that person what you're planning to do...you may get tips that are more helpful than mine. Be an information gatherer and then make your decision. It's important. Yours, Lenora.


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@godlovesatrier thank you! I agree, still being able to work is such a blessing... As long as its at a manageable level I think mentally it does me a lot of good. You do well with your work, working full time sounds exhausting, even if it is from home. But yes, long may we be able to work!!

Thank you so much @YippeeKi YOW !! your kind comments really made me smile! It's taken two years since getting sick, but I do feel like I've finally found my "level"... (not that I always manage to stick to it, but I've got a good idea what it is!) It might not be the level I want, but there's some satisfaction in finally understanding my limits and how to live within them.

@kelly8 I really hope going back to work works out for you... Keep us posted.