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feel ALOT better when sleep deprived. Autoimmune?


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Firstly i don't have CFS but i fit the bill for complex chronic problems. I crashed in 24hrs 4 Years ago from "post finasteride syndrome"

If i force myself to get 2-3 hours sleep for a few days i feel DRAMATICALLY better. I mean dementia like brainfog is gone, depression & anxiety is gone, energy is better, digestion better.

Does anyone know what could be happening? The only other time this happened was when i had a virus.



wiggle jiggle
it may be interpreted by the body as an emergency situation.
as may be not eating for a while.
its a short lived 'relief'.

with anxiety you could look into 'fight and flight' responses.
i thought.

adrenaline junkies and anxiety guys may be close.


ɹǝqɯǝɯ ɹoıuǝs
Often times I'll go without sleep for a couple of days to reset my messed up sleep schedule. I usually feel better the day after finally sleeping. I always interpreted it as perhaps getting deeper sleep because of being more tired.


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I'm better after a night of less sleep. One of the (probably crap) ideas I have is that through sleep "something" is reset or a bodily rythem continues.

My current daily pattern is that I am worse in mornings and get better as the day progresses. This matches my daily cortisol pattern.

If I don't sleep or sleep just a little I feel much better the next day but I have not had my cortisol levels taken to see if the low morning cortisol is the same.

It's just an idea.

There are others. As an example another thread was discussing something similar and the effects of not lying down to sleep or remaining sleepless but not lying/lying down.

This may be a further clue to you?


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those who feel better with less sleep
could perhaps try to sleep with the ceiling light on.

im wondering if this could have to do with 'apoptosis' or something.
couldnt find anything else about this effect to be better rested.

those who prefer upright sleeping may seriously check on helminths.
quite a few of them make it into the liver or up the body when you ly down.
for whatever reason... they aint big athletes either.