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Fatmalapsorbtion/salycilate and mitochondria?!


A Main Problem for me beside Mcas, sibo and the adrenals (which is all linked) is the following which makes me confus. Thank you for reading and helping.

I have a lake of energy an huge mitochondria problems. The last ATP test was ok, which I don't really understand...

I ate 3 month only veggies and fats with l-carnitin. I have a salycilate Problem, so I tried to keep the salycilate intake as low as possible. At the beginning it was ok without carbohydrates until my adrenals collapsed and only went better after eating carbohydrates, which my Energie level also really needed.

The thing is, when I eat fat, with vegetables, my fat metabolism is going nuts and is producing lots of acids and somehow metabolic acidity and the Energie level goes down which the adrenals have to fix .

Somewhere if read it is a mitochondria thing. But one should eat more fat, less carbohydrates because of the mitochondria. But it's not possible and so my body is full of acid and my mineral test came back with a lack of calcium, magnesaium, copper, Zink, mangan, bor and cobalt. To much Chrom.

1. is the fatmetabilsm fixable?
2. what is the cause? Could it be because of a depletion of minerals for a long time (increased through dmps)
3. is it just the salycilate sensitivity? Is it fixable somehow?
4. how can I get enough energy when neither fat nor carbohydrates (sibo) is working?
5. are mitochondria repairable?

Thank you very much :)



Senior Member
Can you describe what happens when you eat a lot of fat? Do you get tired? Poor digestion?