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In 2007 i get an eye infection on the right, seeing almost nothing anymore (other eye is "lazy" so undeveloped) only cortisone treatment helps: unfortunately this is never reported. Ophtamologist also mentions eyes are extremely dry.

It vanishes but still there keeps a strange watery appearence and swollen arteries in the eye.
This sometimes get worse, but it never clears, happily vision is quiet okay (it never was in the first place).

During nights sometimes I feel "something there" and then I see a dark circle with this right eye (so like a black spot). Looking on the internet I can only find one explanation: smart phone blindness!!

Now my other eye became waterish too and both started burning and paining all over my face, and a "yellow block" on the white of my eye alongside the iris appeart ... even got to ER in fear and pain. Sight stayed okay. Allergy drops cleared it up but still my eyes look very waterish, ill and sick. The opthalmologist with all the lamps couldn't notice the yellow block. The GP saw it but didn't know what it was - i understand cause google brought nothing up either.

My eyes are mallformed in all kinds of ways and i can elicit nystagmus.

Does someone have an idea?