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Expanding The Empire


Senior Member
http://www.ird.lk/mus/APT paper.pdf

"Psychological approaches to somatisation
in developing countries"

Advances in Psychiatric Treatment said:
Medically unexplained somatic complaints are among the most common clinical presentations in
primary care in developing countries and they are a considerable burden for patients and the healthcare
system. They are assumed to be the result of psychosocial factors, and the process by which symptoms
are experienced is termed somatisation. Common mental disorders, somatoform disorders and socioeconomic
adversities are the major risk factors for these complaints. There is evidence suggesting that
cognitive–behavioural therapy, which has proven efficacy for somatoform disorders in the developed
world, can be used in developing countries with some adaptations (e.g. by simplifying the content so
that it can be applied in primary care by non-specialist health practitioners; using culturally appropriate
analogies; and delivering the intervention over fewer and shorter sessions). The main components of
such an intervention are presented in this article.

So basically they don't know what's causing the symptoms, and they want to irresponsibly add the stigma of psychological illness AKA "it's your thoughts and behaviour or you're lying about the existence symptoms", to these poor bastards.

I'd say the "social" in Biopsychosocial, is caused by these morons spouting their somatization nonsense.


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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Somatization Disorder seems like an invention that suits the economic rationalists. A perfect thing to export to the third world, with a treatment packaged in a cheaper & culturally adapted form. How sad & twisted o_O