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Esther Crawley talking about ME at ‘Children First – Ethics, Morality and Advocacy in Childhood’ Con


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‘Children First – Ethics, Morality and Advocacy in Childhood’ Conference

Professor Esther Crawley will be informing paediatricians that she cures very sick children by advising them to jump into circles and shouting 'STOP'. :bang-head::ill:

Will she remember to tell them of those who become severely ill as a result of her 'treatment' or that some parents are 'terrified' of being referred to her? :rolleyes:

The RCPCH Conference returns to Glasgow from 13-15 March 2018 for what promises to be an energising three days of inspirational talks, informative workshops and exclusive networking opportunities. The theme for the conference is ‘Children First – Ethics, Morality and Advocacy in Childhood’ and there will be a selection of workshops and talks taking place throughout three days that will explore this crucial area.

The packed conference programme will offer great learning opportunities with a wide choice of sessions allowing delegates to plan the conference to suit their interests.

Day one overview
Tuesday 13 March

Personal Practice sessions
0800-0855 How to manage CFS/ME, fatigue and pain in children, Professor Esther Crawley Getting to grips with the RCPCH progress curriculum


RCPCH progress curriculum
Does anybody knows what this is and how to get a hold of it?