ESA Appeal Confusion

Hi all,

So iv'e attended my appeal,sort off.

My appeal is for how i'm affected by CFS/ME. But it seems there was some problem with the date the DWP had in the papers, for a past diagnosis of cancer, a previous ESA claim, so it ended up being adjourned so they can get the actual date i had that diagnosis.

Now i'm just upset and feel so frustrated and confused by it all. Why was this not sorted before? It seemed like the previous ESA outweighed my new current claim for ESA and that this will not be considered now.

Iv'e put loads of time in to this and i'm just wore out by it all. I don't know really what to think. Everything is just flooding back and i just keep feeling so upset. I found it quite stressful and didn't really know what was happening.

So now i have to wait for them to access my medical records from the time of my past diagnosis,then attend again,which now iv'e been once,seems more scary to me.:cautious:
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Hi @klynn52 try not to sweat to much about this. It's almost normal for the DWP to mess things up. I spent months last year trying to sort out the DWPs refusal to award someone ESA (they did'nt have ME, it was a serious muscular/skeletal problem) we took it to appeal and won. After seeing how ATOS/DWP behave I would not trust them one bit. But the Tribunals Service is pretty good and the Judges in general are fair minded. Let us all know how you get on. And good luck. Sure we will all be rooting for you.