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epigenetic SNP - did they change after constellation work?


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epigenetic SNP - did they change after constellation work?

Do epigenetics – change much?? A theorie is that back-up genes could still swich on, so that findings might change. If ??? When there is treatment for epigenetics, for what many of us have measured. Than could one day become standart and might work well. That might mean, many of us us would look for other ways than our lifelong – treating methylation-Block in acordance to given findings.

I have like many in PR forum my - 23 and ME – results. Can they change? Klinghardts preposition is they had come to us from forefathers and relatives. Quite a few of the changes are given befor our birth. Now Constalation Work is done to influence our illnesses. Experience with such methods is at hand. Video YT would show what exactly he would do. (Appart from a metal detox.).. His claim:„For treating epigenetic infuences, Family Constellation work [helps], PK, MFT, Quinton water, methylation facters delivered with light, supplements to bypass methylation issues, and compensating by living healthier than our ancestors may be helpful.“ my source http://www.betterhealthguy.com/incurables This talk of Klinghardt was given Sep 2015. „Healing incurables“... [you find my quote: at Alu. Lyme. Chemical toxins... 15 lines above some blue source.] His talk showes with the - 4 th picture, D. Klinghardt is the 13 th speaker mentioned. (Search: Klinghardt 2015 gave a yT that shoes constalation work.)

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(the sequence of actual treatment approach - reminds me on methods of the Emotions-Code - Nelsons. book)