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enterovirus treatment

Has anyone only noticed benefits from equilibrant around say 9 months. Stupidly i came off it after 7 because i believed it wasnt doing anything but now when i looked back i had a few better days that i never have other wise to any significant degree.

Also can anyone elude as to why fluoxetine would increase nk cell counts as stated by dr klimas: http://www.cfids.org/archives/2001rr/2001-rr3-article01.asp

We now know that fluoxetine is an inhibitor of enterovirus replication, do nk cell counts or function increase on other ssris or just fluoxetine. It makes me speculate as to whether fluox improves nk cells via enterovirus inhibition? Does anyone know if dr chia measures nk cells and observes any change with equilibrant reatment?




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This study provides one possible explanation:

Antidepressants augment natural killer cell activity: in vivo and in vitro
"Fluoxetine treatment was associated with augmented natural killer cell activity (NKCA) in a subgroup of depressed outpatients exhibiting low NKCA at baseline. Fluoxetine had no effect on NKCA in depressed individuals exhibiting high NKCA at baseline. Incubation of mononuclear cells with fluoxetine and paroxetine augmented NKCA in vitro. The enhancing effects of antidepressants on NKCA in vivo and in vitro indicate a possible direct drug interaction with lymphoid cells during pharmacotherapy."

What daily dose of oxymatrine were you taking, by the way?


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My 2nd stomach biopsy shows a small amount of VP1 protein and no dsRNA. The first showed abundant dsRNA and no VP1 protein. I'm just not sure about this test anymore.