EMF Sensitivities

Hi All, I have CFS and also EMF sensitivities as in I cannot use mobiles, ipads, watch TV, etc, even using my computer which i try to limit. I have an old box type screen and have heard these give off EMF more than flat screens, just wondering if anyone knows of a low EMF computer monitor if there is such a thing and if anyone could suggest something for some relief. Many thanks :):):)

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I bought a 9.7 " iPad Pro, in November 2016, along with a few adapters, so I can plug in my Ethernet cable. I can't use Wifi since I get a huge headache, so it's turned off at the router in my house. I have an old iPhone, but mainly use it to sync my texts without iCloud addresses back to my iPad ( I keep the iPhone away from me by atleast 6 feet).

I love my iPad. I can use Google hangouts to make a phone call, since my iPad does not have the phone feature.


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Court--I have seen several websites which have information re: EMF and some suggest products which are supposed to address different issues.

The one that has the most information and has products that seem like a sensible way to address problems is lessemf.com (not sure of exact address but I am sure about the lessemf part!)
I believe you'll find the information you need there.

I have no connection with any of these websites.
I have my eye on a landline phone though!