Ellie Stein, Sept 15th Audio & Slides


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Ontario, Canada
Ellie is one of only three ME treating specialists in Canada. One of the others, Dr Alison Bested introduces her and is in on the Q&A.
Ellie is involved in XMRV studies plus heart irregularities in repeat exercise but doesn't talk much about these directly here.
I thought it was a really good talk, and full of very current stuff including comments from Peterson re: treating with immune signature feedback and theories by Gordon Broderick. Peterson is coming to talk Calgary in April 2010 and one of the slides has details on that.
Her background is psychiatric and she does a really fine job of addressing the mind / body interaction in this illness.

She makes and defends a bold claim "Although the symptoms of ME/CFS overlap with several common psychiatric disorders AND both the brain and body are involved, the evidence is clear and growing that ME/CFS is not the same as any known psychiatric or biomedical disorder."

Here's a link to the MEAO (ME Association of Ontario) page


It has audio of the entire talk (about 1hr) plus Q&A. It has the slides in PDF. It has the flyer to better introduce her.

I'm a little extra pumped for this cause I recorded and edited the audio.

There's a very interesting slide borrowed from Dr Broderick, that we're waiting for permission from him to share. It graphed and measured the lack of homeostasis in Interleukin markers for people with ME.