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Elevated Single-stranded DNA


Senior Member
northern Maine
I recently went through another round of useless testing with another useless rheumatologist. Their only 'strong finding' was for 'elevated single-stranded DNA'. Does anyone know what this means? Does this refer to a test usually known by another name? Even Mr Google was unable to tell me anything remotely useful about what this test might be.

For some unknown reason the rheumy ordered a chest XRay (to rule out TB?) and the radiologist overread it and claimed I have COPD, even though I have no breathing problems. So the rheumy tried to blame the inflammation on COPD and hustled me out of the office as fast as possible, insisting that there is nothing else to test, even though I clearly have ME/CFS, and even have that as my official diagnosis. They flat-out refused to order tests for NK cells, etc. Their conclusion is that they can't help me and they don't know anyone who can. Jerks. :mad:


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Sydney, NSW, Australia



Yep. I feel your frustration! Have 2 Rheumies, 2 Neuros, 1 Immunologist, 1 Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist, 1 Endocrinologist...etc. As far as my GP(PCP) is concerned I should now look to my 2nd Neuro for my overall care. This Neuro has referred me on to a Neurogeneticist at a major teaching hospital & research facility. He said they will at least test for other things (besides inherited mitochondrial diseases/disorders). My apptmt is not til Nov.

In the mean time I would like to have tests for Viruses etc & Lymphocyte Markers. Might have to do a Skype consult with a CFS/ME Dr interstate.