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electromagnetic sensitivity?


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Central Ohio
Computer radiation causing hand pain

Yesterday bought a little netbook, and woke this morning with unusually stiff hands after working on it for about an hour.

Today I set up wireless internet and worked on the netbook for about 2 hours. My hands ached, and now some 7 hours later, they still hurt.

I read online that computer radiation puts heat into the body that can speed up reactions. I could feel the heat from the touchpad. I'm wondering if computer radiation increases oxidative stress....

In any case, I'm more interested in knowing if anyone else has this problem, and mostly, if there are any laptop models that have lower radiation than others. I really want to have a laptop that I can use outside on the swing.

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Edmonton, AB, Canada
computer radiation


My biz partner in the UK just had the same problem with his laptop. He found turning off the wifi helped a lot.

He had a consultant come in - for around UK pounds 400, to help isolate the problem. The consultant told him he had tested many laptops and found Dell Inspiron was pretty good for radiation.

I had a Dell Inspiron and it weighed a LOT - around 6 pounds or so, and my partner had a super light one (don't know brand) weighing less than 3 pounds. I don't know if this has significance but it might.

Here are a couple websites to learn more about radiation in general, but mostly UK based. My CFS hubbie's naturopath sent this info to us. I have since ditched the wireless phone and turned off wifi.

www.es-uk.info (on electrosensitivity in general)

Perhaps you can find some wording to help you find a list of better portable computers.

Bonne chance,


It might also be because netbooks have particularly small keyboards that cause muscle cramps because of the awkward way you have to bend your hands to use them.

Having worked with computers in a professional capacity for the last 10 years, I would advise you to get a USB keyboard for your netbook (especially a Microsoft Natural keyboard or even better, some of the advanced ergonomic keyboards with 2 raised humps with keys on). That way at least your hands can be comfortable and you can get the source of the heat away from your body. Plus, it gives you more flexibility with how you position your body.

I wouldn't want to take your lifeline away from you by suggesting turning off the wifi - I know what a gift it is for me in these long hours isolated at home, to be able to use my little netbook in bed.


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My doc wanted me off wifi. I got a 50 foot cable and plug into a cable modem. Turned off the wifi. It isn't really a problem when I move my laptop. I also have a diode on my computer and another on my modem.



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Sofa, UK
Some degree of extreme electromagnetic sensitivity may exist in some people, but those people tend to react to all kinds of radiation in their environment - microwaves, TVs and any power cables and leads, all leak radiation which sensitive people say they can feel.

However from your description, JanisB, it seems to me there are two more likely explanations; might either of these apply?

Most obvious explanation is that some aspect of the angle of the keyboard etc. may have caused a fresh strain on yout hand muscles and just isn't comfortable for you to type on or use the touchpad. If you haven't typed a lot previously or if the keyboard is different to what you're used to - smaller? - then that could explain pain afterwards. Typing in a relaxed position like on the swing or lying down sounds attractive but really should have good back support and a solid comfortable position when typing. Typing for even an hour can cause strain if you're not used to it; typing in unfamiliar situations is the same.

The second possible explanation I can think of is the one I suspect from your brief description: some form of immune-related reaction to the material that the touchpad is made of or coated with. A doc once told me of a case of theirs who reacted to an early edition PDA that was made of a new and very light material, and it caused gradual burning pain when he touched it amd for hours after; they tried to find out something about the chemical family he might be reacting to, but the chemical formula for the material was a trade secret...anyway if you also react (possibly in different ways) when holding or touching books, magazines or plastics or during exposure to toxins of any kind, then look up MCS for loads of advice.

In either case, sounds like it's not the Netbook for you; suggest you take it back and exchange it for an alternative. And/or get an USB mouse and/or keyboard, as suggested previously; for mice, at least, there are some extremely small, portable ones - wireless ones even are worth considering if it turns out it really is the trackpad. Really important to nail the meaning of crucial clues like this btw, only way is personal experimentation, plus maybe later, a little help from Biolab...

Hope something here helped.

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The heat from your computer is not necessarily radiation, a lot of parts make heat. As far as brands and models putting out more than others, well they all use the same parts so it shouldn't make a difference. A laptop probably emits far less radiation than an old computer with CRT monitor, but WiFi can emit a lot of radiation, so plug yours in with an ethernet cable when you're at home. But the most likely explanation is repetitive motion strain from the keyboard/touchpad. I use an external mouse and keyboard except when I'm traveling.


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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is mentioned as an overlapping condition and people talk about it occasionally, but electromagnetic sensitivity is not mentioned much.

I was just wondering how many people have experienced electromagnetic sensitivity? What triggers it for you, what are your symptoms and do you do anything to help it?

I had a crash recently, when I stayed up too late watching the olympics (dumb dumb) and following that came the electromagnetic sensitivity, that is really rearing it's ugly head now.


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East Midlands
I know quite a few with electromagnetic sensitivity including myself.

Things that make it worse include over exposure to EMFs, certain times of day are worse, early morning and from evening onwards, taking too many or the wrong minerals or times when i sense my mineral balance is 'off', being tired, when I'm killing pathogens and I assume the metals they sequestrated are released. Also think how some people are affected in other ways by the phases of the moon, and say how in Autism behaviours are different phases of the moon are linked to pathogens...In which case pathogens would likely affect EMS too.

A few years back I was swiped with a hand held metal detector, during which i lost awarenss, immeditaly afterwards lost movement of my legs, had to be put in a wheelchair. It really cranked up the EMS and I'm unsure my EMS has ever reverted to the pre- detector levels.

In the aftermath I tried various EMS reduction devices but none helped, most made it worse and a couple were like being struck by lightning. The explanation that seemed to fit me best was that i have more EMF activity within me thatn without and it is best not to interfer with it's escape. But some are helped by various devices, perhaps you'll get some recommendation from someone here.

There's a thread on here started by Rich who attributes EMS to demylination as a result of poor methylation.

Hope you feel better soon , and yip avoidance or limitation is my surest way to EMS reduction.

Infact my current treatment requires that once a month I have 2-4 days when I avoid the PC, TV and almost everything electrical apart from the kettle and light switches. It can be tough but my body appreciates the holiday and I like that it encourages me to do things differently.