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Echovirus antibody type 6 Abnormaly high? ....lab Results


Senior Member
I am a patient of Dr. Chia's and finally managed to get blood draws checking for enterovirus from ARUP labs.

Here are the anomalous results:

Echovirus antibody type 6 1:80 "abnormal" (less than 1:10) is normal

The Cosackie B virus antibody results yielded some higher than baselevel, but not abnormal levels...

ARUP Says that titers greater than or equal to 1:80 may indicate past or current infection.

Any experienced people out there want to give me some comments? I have not spoken to Dr. Chia about the results, yet.

thx in advance....



I got results like that Don't remember the level, but Dr told me once high just to treat it, she said 2 equillibrant would be ok per day. I remember at first I worked all the way up to 4 or 6 pills, I remember I settled for 4 then now 2 pills for maintanance. It took about 4 months to clear out. I have been with good titters since then.

I order from www.equilibranthealth.com/‎