Easy to make liposomal vitamin C - for viruses


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Thanks for your responses. I'd seen the bit about testing w/ bicarb.

I'd been using kiwi fruit for Vit C for a few months. Worked brilliantly, several times a canker sore was emerging and eating a kiwi knocked it out. Then I got it that kiwis are high histamine, were contributing to my current unpleasant nasal congestion. Couple nights ago I used a footbath w/ ascorbic acid, and didn't need another yesterday. So I think I'll just stick w/ my footbath method for the time being. I, also, am not eager to have yet another product to fiddle with.

If there was significant impact on virus, I'd reconsider. But bad taste + fiddly means I'm happy to give it a miss.


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But bad taste + fiddly means I'm happy to give it a miss.
FWIW, the lipo C made with the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is the one that tastes like burnt rubber. The kind made with the stick blender just tastes how you think ascorbic acid would taste, tart, but not like burnt rubber.


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So what's the science on how to make liposomal forms of drugs or supplements? Could saturated phosphatidylcholine , like sold as Mitolipin, work ? Do u need alcohol too ?
I've yet to make any liposomal vitamin C, but I've investigated the science a bit, and this website seems to know what it is talking about, and provides a good recipe.

You find lots of liposomal vitamin C recipes online and on YouTube, some recipes without using ultrasonic cleaner machines, and just using a blender. Others use both a blender and afterwards an ultrasound. Ultrasound is an option but is not necessary.

You also find recipes with and without alcohol. I've never found any definitive scientific statement on the purpose of alcohol, but these quotes give some insight:
"Sadly the recipe without alcohol is only an emulsion. An emulsion will help more vitamin c get into the blood but certainly is not liposomal." 1

"The majority of the liposomal vitamin C community is not aware that alcohol is very helpful in the creation of liposomes." 1

One day I will get around to making some liposomal vitamin C, and testing it out.