easily get bugs/colds or not???


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australia (brisbane)
Im normally the type of cfs person who doesnt get sick other then cfs, but in the last few weeks I have had a cold/flu which i cant budge and have had a few days here and there in bed from it and somewhere in the middle of it got the gastro bug from hell.

Does this mean my immune system starting to work or is it tiring. I have been taking some herbal stuff to help with this viruse like astragalus, echinacea, olive leaf and shiitake. I have been sleeping very poorly, but the last 2 nights have slept well(medicated though) and today had a few hours of extreme clarity like i was feeling normal, had to hold myself back as i didnt want to smash myself into a 'crash'.

Any thoughts from anyone??


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The other side.
essentially I dont catch common bugs from people - the worst I will get is a morning with ordinary cold/flu blah - normally without a temperature and over in a few hours - this is completely distinct from normal background blah or even PEM blah - makes a refreshing change on the rare occasions it happens

I do however periodically get just a little bit nearly dead from a throat infection (and resulting nuttyness) that never quite goes away but I've had that for a LONG time and afaik have never passed it onto anyone - so whilst not being very technical about it I wouldnt classify it as a normal bug

edit - whilst I would normally ascribe an increase in normal immune symptoms to a recovery period (ie immune system is working better) if you've been put in bed by it and then developed more symptoms then I'd advise being very careful - it's perfectly possible for meds to temporarily mask crash symptoms or simply muck up your sense of how much energy you have available - tho it's equally possible you have more mental energy as you've cut back on physical energy use


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I do not easily get bugs and/or colds, although I am sick a few times a year.

I recently learned that my Dr says that my immune system is "underactive" (lab results), I always thought it was overactive therefore all of my symptoms.