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Early menopause symptom change...

I'm going through something strange at the moment.... In that i'm feeling okay for the first time in 16 years! Its got me more than confused to say the least and its actually messing with my head a little!

I had a hysterectomy for cancer a few years ago (kept ovaries) and ever since then i've felt changes (a feeling of aging, first grey hairs appearing at age 32, wrinkles beginning) but the ME has gradually become milder over the last 2 years.

I don't know if its because i can now afford food, supplements and heating (i was living in dire poverty for about 4 years previously) or because of hormonal changes since the hysterectomy or both.

One month ago the hot flashes started, at age 35. They started out of the blue and immediately turned into 15 flashes a day.

In the space of a month, i've gone from very thin, to putting on weight (in size - i dont own scales as my weight has always been the same) cellulite appearing fast and widespread where i had none before anywhere. My stomache was bloated for one month solid and anything i ate caused it to swell further.

But apart from those horrible changes.... In one month since the flashes started. My ME symptoms have improved, the PEM isn't kicking in properly after activity, my daily migraines of the last 16 years have greatly reduced in frequency and in severity (had migraines since 4 years old) general pain levels are tolerable and no longer require morphine regularly, brain fog improved, sleep is okay, POTS symptoms improved, and the hot flashes as awful as they are are helping my raynauds and keeping my extremities warm for the first time in a long time.

I was going to book an appointment with the doc for hormone testing and possible HRT but i appear to be stalling.... I'm enjoying the ME holiday but at the same time i dont want to become an old woman with bones to match overnight at this age :-/

Baffled and confused lol