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Dysmenorrhea (uterus cramp), PG, crashing


Senior Member
The fact that symptoms cortege from dysmenorrhea is often similar to those of CFS/ME/Fibro questioned me.

Menses are linked to increased production of prostaglandins PGE2 and PGF2 alpha

PGE is known to increase sentivity to pain in Dorsal root ganglia, favoring transition from acute pain to chronic pain.

And Prostaglandins (PGs), which are critical mediators of physiologic processes and inflammation, are largely produced by activated microglia and reactive astrocytes during brain inflammation.

PGE produce its effects by intracellular calcium signaling.

I noticed that two treatments relating to PG and calcium signaling are eventually used for Dysmenorrhea,

Calcium channel blockers (blocking PG action)

COX inhibitors (blocking production of PG)

Interestingly Celecoxib (COX2 inhibitor) may be interesting to reduce PG production and neuroinflammation