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Dutch television program: link to program and transcript in English


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Thanks for sharing.

The last part of the transcript:
This kind of complex syndromes can only be treated with multiple disciplines when you are willing to let go a bit of your own professional focus.

This is exactly my experience with all doctors in mainstream medicine, they only look at their own part here in the Netherlands.


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Ik waak up
The absurdity of treating ME as a psychological problem is very well described here

The dancer guy is absolutly phantastic, not only as a dancer and not as a patient.
The abilitiy to dance he had, showes all human sense for being aware of life. Such experience wont disappear, will it?
Any psycholgist who means that he needed to be clarified clarifies himself as one who is not able to feel.

With children the onliest way in important things is to wait that they are doing by themselves, isn´t it? But psychologists here were starting with a non-communication and therefore with a disregard, giving there own feeling for an unknown something that would not be understandable and should not be possible. And than they say you should trust them. It´s unbelievable.
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We once tried to get one hour of homecare to do the necessary cleaning and then we received a decision from the municipality that it was not in the interest of Anil that he would get help because that would impede his rehabilitation. Well yes, you know …

We could find no more than just one doctor in the Netherlands who wants to treat people with ME medically, i.e. physically.


A substantial percentage of the patients will have to wait for adequate medical treatment and in the meantime hope that they will not be accused by scientists and society they are people who just pretend to be sick.