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Dr. T on the recent controversy


Senior Member
I went to the F&F clinics and was on Dr. "T"'s protocol- which did little but drain my bank account.

I approached him after one of his lectures and asked very pointed questions about my lack of progress, and his actual cure rate.

At first he was cordial. When I remained persistent and unyielding to his evasiveness and platitudes, he told me that I was "very driven" and his advice was that I "go home and examine the issues in my life." And actually said (as he lifted his arms up): "I don't want to know what they are."- like I was going to start discussing my life with him.

All with a smile on his face- in FRONT OF TWO OTHER PEOPLE.

He panders to the CFS community and gives us what we want to hear collectively- you've been victimized, yada yada yada- but individually he basically blamed me and my mind state for my condition.

Unfortunately, I was a little saner than Dr "T" wanted me and my questions to be. He's used to wooing crowds- and I was demanding specificity.

It's really tough to watch this guy undermine our condition in the media- He needs to focus on general fatigue OR CFS- but not both. Somehow the two get blended together we he speaks of them, which widens his product market to everyone who has ever been tired, which further disenfranchises us from serious medical consideration or support.

Let's not forget- his first reaction was to call XMRV- "the disease of the month."

Thanks for sharing your story RS. I have never met dr.T, but from what I can read he seems like a charismatic sensationalist.
" (...) proven in our published placebo controlled study which showed that an integrated treatment protocol helped 91% of patients with an average 90% increase in quality of life."
91%, and people get 90% better. I'd like to see someone wouch for that... 90% is pure b**lsh*t, no more or less. But I think he believes in it himself. I'd also like to see the publication of this study. If it's even published...

If he can't cure it, it's hysteria (seems like that in the answer he gave you RS...).