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Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD ... vaccines and epigenetics


Senior Member
Has anyone here been a patient of Dr Carley? How is she and is she good in treating Lyme, Mercury, MTHFR?

Her website :

She says that almost all mutations are caused by vaccines. And that she deals with epigenitics ...

Hi Taroki,

Any doctor who professes to cure cancer, autoimmune diseases etc with supplements has to be looked at with some suspicion. Dr. Carley had her license suspended for five years in 2003 for mental disease. Apparently she had a delusional disorder. That in of itself doesn't mean that she is not presently competent but along with her claims makes me extremely suspicious concerning her non conventional therapies.

To note -- Dr Carley still does not have her licence to practice back:


Note that Dr. Carley does NOT practice medicine, and does NOT give medical advice. Rather, she teaches her students what she would do if she were you after reviewing your individual history of assaults to your immune system. Dr. Carley does NOT need to see you in person; she has clients all over the world, and all that is needed for her to develop your individual protocol is the detailed history she takes. Dr. Carley’s Hippocrates Protocol (which uses homeopathics and natural supplements) reverses all Vaccine Induced Diseases (VIDS), including autoimmune disease, non-traumatic seizures and cancer, in people and in pets. There has never been a case where improvement did not occur; how much improvement results depends on:

1. If the client/student is willing to do what needs to be done

2. How old the client is (the younger the faster things happen)

3. How long the problem has been present (the longer the more deeply ingrained it is)

4. Whether the client is willing to replace toxic drugs with natural therapies (for example, chemo & radiation both cause cancer, thus if you actually want to reverse cancer you need to reverse the cause, not continue to poison yourself)

VIDS which can be reversed include, but are not limited to:

  • Autism, PDD,Asperger’s
  • Learning disabilities
  • MS
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease(ALS)
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Guillan Barre’
  • Leaky Gut syndrome (which cause food allergies leading to malabsorption)
  • Celiac disease
  • Autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimotos, Graves Disease)
  • IDDM (type 1 diabetes)
  • Juvenille (rheumatoid) arthritis
  • Infertility
  • Lupus
  • Asthma
  • Eczema,psoriasis and scleroderma
  • nephritis leading to kidney dysfunction (including nephrotic syndrome & renal failure)
  • myasthenia gravis
  • allergies
  • Alzheimers (as long as the client has family members which can administer the remedies)


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Individuals (or organizations) who claim to be able to cure, or "reverse" multiple diverse difficult-to-treat conditions should be regarded with a great deal of skepticism.

It is irrational to suggest that a single treatment or protocol can cure many diverse illnesses that advanced research has not been able to address effectively. While it's conceivable that someone might stumble upon a mystical, magical cure for a single difficult-to-treat condition, the likelihood that the treatment would cure more than 20 distinct conditions is vanishingly small, particularly if the elements of the protocol are already commercially available in some form.

Claiming to cure multiple currently poorly-treated conditions is classic scam. It plays on the desperation of miserable people.

Little Bluestem

All Good Things Must Come to an End
And yet I find the fact that she had her license suspended because of a "delusional disorder" chilling. I fear that this could happen to any physician who did not toe the company line - those who treat M.E. as a biological disease, for example.


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Dallas, TX
She claims genetic mutations are caused by vaccines? Red Flag right there.
She does not have a practicing medical license? Red Flag right there.

Just seems like a giant scam to me.