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Dr oz preview - "simple stretching for xmrv"


Senior Member
Just happened across a video "Preview" of Dr Oz's upcoming TV feature on XMRV. You can see the preview at: http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/good_day_ny/091130-retrovirus-causing-fatigue-in-millions .

I'm running out of adjectives to describe what I saw, so will leave it to you guys! Oz describes ME/CFS as "inability to get going" :confused:, and talks about "if you are fatigued, what can you do to get back to where you used to be". In one part, he talks about what people with "this virus" can do to make themselves better - things like "physical activity... simple stretching... so your immune system can beat back this virus". :eek:

It's like suggesting to someone with AIDS that they should just "take charge of their health". Get out there and stretch your retrovirus to health!

Hopefully Dr Donnica is able to set him straight in the balance of the program - she was dynamite on GMA, and has been such a great voice for this patient community.

On the bright side, think of the movie-star maxim: any publicity is good publicity... Who knows, however flawed, Dr Oz's feature may help us in some way. Trying to think positive here...


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You've GOT to be KIDDING??!!! Maybe we should all go to NY and stretch out Oz's brain so he can grasp the concept that CFS and CF are not the same thing.

I hope Dr. Donnica can get some good points in there, otherwise this is going to be really bad.

If Oz thought he got a lot of angry letters before....


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Near St Louis, MO
What utter, disgusting rot! I've done Yoga stretching exercises to remain as limber as I can (it doesn't hurt me because I don't push) but I still have M.E. I have exercised as best I can, but I still have M.E. I have a good social network, am not and never have been depressed (unless you count a short bout of post-natal depression 35 years ag0 and the fact that I cried when my dog died) but I still have M.E. I write prolifically, have lots of interests, but I still have M.E. I take an interest in politics, current affairs but I still have M.E.

How bl--dy condescending!!!


Senior Member
Let's write to the station

The station comment form will allow us to be heard about this -- if nothing else the reporter should be educated. And the station taken to task for what she said.

It is pretty clear where Oz stands on CFS. It is not pretty and I anticipate Dr Donnica would have been helpless in the face of it.


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Olympic Peninsula, Washington

This was taped after he'd taped his show on CFS, right, since it was taped over a week ago?

There isn't much to say in reply to his statements--they're so clearly shortsighted and misinformed. I do think it was bizarre that he likened XMRV to "The AIDS virus, HIV" but went on to imply that those with XMRV could overcome/improve their situation. He must know something about this virus that I don't (and that virologists don't appear to either).

Kind of funny that he mentioned epigenetics in the same piece (like it was breaking news) when it offers a great deal in terms of understanding why people with similar or the same genetics have entirely different expressions in their lifetimes--guess he missed that one too.

He may be Oprah's and, cough, "America's favorite doctor," but I have my doubts that he's the average scientist's and researcher's favorite doctor. It must be just as frustrating to them to have such a visible mouthpiece with so little scientific curiosity.


Aristocrat Extraordinaire
I don't think you can blame Dr Oz. This is the legacy of the CDC I'm afraid. How is anyone supposed to take a disease seriously when its name starts off badly with the word "chronic", dips in the middle with the word "fatigue", then the less said about the ending ("syndrome") the better.

Only a name change will bring a game change.
Dr. Oz ??!!

I think this man is simply damaging us. At this point I wonder what his agenda is. What about top atletes like the ex captain of the US olympic soccer team Michelle Akers, who had to be taken off the field on a stretcher the last couple years of her career, and finally had to give up and is more or less house bound. Soccer player Olaf Bodden from a top German team. Ricky Carmichael, considered the world's best motorcross rider...ooops, they forgot to stretch out !! Oz & his team are either unprofessional and superficial, or they or there is malice involved ( NIH, CDC ) Something is very wrong.


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Columbus, OH
I'm confused

Will the XMRV virus show be today? I thought it was going to be on Thursday (Dec. 3). Will he be showing 2 shows on this topic?

Why in the world would he think exercising would get you better? I do not even have CFS/ME but I have relatives that do and it was easily observable that exercise or exertion made them worse.


Senior Member
I wish I were surprised. As Garcia said, this is all he knows. We who are immersed in ME science and research and, most importantly, reality, have as much trouble understanding the mindset of those who know nothing about it as they do understanding our illness. They just don't get it.

Oz is informed by mainstream clinical practice, designed by the CDC take, and, perhaps, a few friends who have had some post viral fatigue - doctors overwork pretty routinely, get run down, and fight their way back; I have friends who say they "had" chronic fatigue syndrome and fought their way back, too - so, Oz is going to do that show, the one he knows.

He does not know, for example, Linda Crowhurst who, along with her husband Greg, have made some really powerful videos showing how debilitated and how neurologically damaged a person can be with ME.

I think we have to educate the educators before they can educate the public. They only know what they know and, as we all know, it ain't much. Let us hope that Oprah does not do a companion peace on ME and the soul. They just don't know enough.

Dr Donnica has no influence at all over which of her words are used. She knows about this because it has touched her life. There is nothing like first hand experience to get this bloody thing. But, the segment will be written and a piece of her interview, which they choose, will be slotted in.

I must go now and tell my HIV positive friends that they should stop taking the ARVs and go to the gym. They will be so happy to hear that.



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:D It's a good thing we have not lost our sense of humour :D

I think we're going to need it.


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Austin, TX
Are you kidding me?!?!? Can CAA or WPI offer a reprimand? I don't like seeing these steps backwards. Lots of people watch that idiot, specifically b/c he's recommended by Oprah. Ahh!


I guess this falls in the category of "Be careful what you wish for, because that guy is just a big talking hairdo."


work in progress
N. California
ARGHHHH! @#$$%^&*&()(!!!

As you all know, I put some SIGNIFICANT energy into this, and kept bugging all those I could influence... on a very PERSISTENT basis... for several weeks before the taping. Since Judy Mikovits was interviewed via telephone by the OZ medical producer, for over an hour--as I was told, I would THINK they could get their frickin' brains on CUE... for a change.


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My jaw is still wide open - I can't believe this guy. Well, I guess I can - but truthfully he sounds like a moron. Are we surprised? I guess not - what GOOD doctor spends his days taping tv shows to appeal to the masses? Clearly, none...

It's just frustrating because this is what family/friends will see and think 'oh yeah, that's what I saw on Oz and it's not a big deal - you can exercise and it will go away." Out of curiosity - is there ANY virus that is helped by stretching?