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Dr. Meirleir Stomach Bacteria Overgrowth Test

Mya Symons

Mya Symons
I know there is probably already a post on this somewhere, but I could not find it. Not suprising this "fossil" can't find something on the computer :D.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ordered and tried Dr. Meirleir's test for Stomach bacteria overgrowth and what the results were.

Here is where I found the info.: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/c/5949/76639/breakthrough

"The study compared totally bedridden ME/CFS patients, less ill ME/CFS patients, family controls, contact controls and non-contact controls. They found that ME/CFS patients have an intestinal bacteria that produces an excess of the neurotoxin hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which can cause many of the ME/CFS symptoms. Then they hypothesized that the urine of the bedridden ME/CFS patients would contain more H2S metabolites than the less ill patients. Next, they developed a simple color-change urine test which confirmed their hypothesis. The urine of the extremely ill patients immediately turned dark blue. The urine reaction from the less ill patients was slower and not as dark. Urine from the control groups showed no change at all."


Do read the links above...

The test is worth doing as it is cheap. (About 16 Euros) It just tells you the approximate level of certain types of nasty bacteria, but if you are going to treat them properly, you then need a full stool analysis (done by Redlabs) to find out exactly what you've got. This test is expensive (about 400 Euros).
If you cannot afford that, then do the H2S test and then take Xifaxin for 8 days, which will hold the bacteria at bay for about 5 months before you need a repeat treatment (assuming you have the usual CFS immunodeficiency). Follow the Xifaxin with VSL3 probiotics, which is the best general purpose one available. If you do the full Redlabs stool analysis you'll know exactly which probiotics you need to build up, so, again, the treatment will be more personalised and therefore probably more effective.

Following the above procedure transformed my son from bowel incontinence to good, healthy, daily BMs, which no longer smell like biological weapons. However his H2S test is still level 4, the max level, which suggests he should be bedridden, when in fact he is actually doing really well these days. So that shows it is not really as precise as Meirleir claims. Also I did follow the whole of the above treatment and my guts are still painful and bloated. I am pretty sure I have candida as well and the antibiotic treatment actually let that get worse. So basically I think this approach definitely helps but does not take all factors into account. When you are immunodeficient, you can get practically anything making a home in there. I could well have a heap of parasites for all I know. My eosinophils are permanently elevated. As I said, looking at bacteria is only one aspect of the problem.