Dr Lubna Aslam - Anyone Have Experience Of Seeing Her For FM?


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Hi everyone,

Been off here for ages, so apologies to anyone who's tagged or messaged me....meanwhile, I've got an appointment coming up (in an effort to find a more pro-active, interested, helpful rheumy than the one I've been seeing for 5 yrs+) with a Dr Lubna Aslam.

I've googled her, and she used to be at Guy's, also Inverclyde in Scotland, but I can't find any patient reviews.

I was wondering whether anyone here has been a patient of hers, and if you have, could you tell me what she's like, please? Like, is she in favour of the standard fibro drugs that I can't tolerate (gabapentin etc, amitryptaline etc), is she anti the few painkillers and muscle relaxants I can tolerate (DHC and Oramorph, diazepam), is she likely to make me fill in 15 pages of pain and function questionnaires every visit like my current rheumy does), is she a career doc looking to gather info for publishing papers, does she subscribe to the "the pain you think you feel is *only* your brain over-reacting", or the "it's because you're depressed" bs, or the dreaded GET, etc., etc. It would be nice to know in advance so I can prepare, make some notes, that sort of thing.

A head's up would be useful, and the hospital staff I know can't tell me anything because my appointment will be in her first week there, so she's an unknown quantity atm.

Any info welcomed :)

Thanks in advance,