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Dr. DeMierlier Annoucement: H2S


Senior Member
I read the blogs, can't pretend to have taken it all in, as my elevator still does not go all the way to the top though it's better than it used to be.

Pretty interesting reading though, both your blogs and all the comments. I also believe that the gut is probably central in some way. And I agree with the mention that the desperately ill are often somehow left out. They are at home, in a quiet room, cannot deal with company, being around people because of the severity of their symptoms. Don't know what to do for them but they are on my mind all the time.

Those of us who are more high-functioning, here on the net, in contact with others, reading research, doing research ... we manage. But they, the invisible ill, do not. I was one of them at one time. It is a terrible predicament.

Just my thougts, such as they are, and I am sadly aware they don't do much good. They don't fix a thing.

I read some comments of Dr. Logan's. He sounds like an interesting guy. Looking forward to more.