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Dr DavidTuller: A Commercial Deal for King’s College London’s IBS-CBT Digital Program


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I am having to be really, really restrained not to pass comment here..............it is soo tempting. :D


Trial By Error: A Commercial Deal for King’s College London’s IBS-CBT Digital Program

27 JANUARY 2020

By David Tuller, DrPH

On January 10th, the following information was announced in a press release:
Mahana Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics company reimagining the treatment of chronic diseases, today announced that the Company has entered into a licensing and collaboration agreement with King’s College London, a leading research university and one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in England. Mahana has acquired a worldwide exclusive license to an innovative digital therapeutic for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This exciting development in Mahana’s efforts to reimagine the treatment of chronic diseases is related to the IBS study I wrote about last week. In the study, two versions of CBT performed somewhat better than treatment-as-usual (TAU) at 12 and, to a lesser extent, at 24 months.* [*I initially wrote “weeks” rather than “months” in this sentence, although subsequent references to the time frame were correct. I am correcting this shortly after having posted the blog. The effects do diminish but not that quickly!] One group received a course of telephone CBT from a therapist. The second received a web-based course of CBT called “Regul8: A Self-Management Programme for IBS,” supplemented by a minimal amount of therapist contact ....................
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Hey, yeah, didn't you know that thinking the wrong thoughts cause disease?

I really hate this CBT stuff. The "you can think yourself sick" mentality hurts everyone-people who really have a mental illness as well as people who have bodily illnesses. Wrong thoughts don't cause depression anymore than they cause IBS. But depression will mess with your thoughts (as will IBS). Cause and effect, people! Figure them out!