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Dr David Tuller: What now?


Senior Member

Trial By Error: What Now?

18 MARCH 2020

By David Tuller, DrPh

Like many or most, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I am “sheltering at home” in San Francisco, following the news, making way too many cups of coffee, chatting much more on the phone than usual, checking in with my 90-year-old mom in Manhattan, watching movies I’m not interested in watching, taking walks with Harold (the mutt) around the neighborhood while keeping several feet away from passersby. It’s like living in a Twilight Zone episode, for those old enough to remember that. (Or like living in a Black Mirror episode, for others.)

So…I had intended to be in England this month. My plan was to attend last week’s CMRC conference, conduct some interviews, post multiple blogs, meet with members of Parliament, see some fringe theater (American spelling intentional) in London, hang out with friends, and give a couple of presentations. Oh, and Berkeley had scheduled April as a crowdfunding month, so I was planning once again to seek support for my academic position at the Center for Global Public Health.

Well, things are obviously a bit different now.
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