Dr David Tuller: The World According to Sharpe.


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Trial By Error: The World According to Sharpe
15 April 2021 by David Tuller 2 Comments

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By David Tuller, DrPH

Poor Professor Michael Sharpe. The distinguished psychiatrist from Oxford University has a dilemma. His science sucks big-time, and he can’t defend it effectively with standard argumentation. He does not seem to grasp why people have called the PACE trial fraudulent, so he lashes out, trying to bully and bluff his way through the mess by accusing critics of
harassment. In doing so, he has a tendency to score own goals—such as insulting a member of Parliament for engaging in behavior “not becoming” her post. (In the UK, these are apparently fighting words when you’re talking about a member of Parliament. The behavior in question involved criticizing the PACE trial.)
And now Professor Sharpe has stumbled into a major pissing match with Guardian columnist George Monbiot. Hey, grab some beers and pull up the chairs! This could be fun!
I’ve also been one of Professor Sharpe’s targets. Luckily, he hasn’t accused me of causing Long COVID, as he has Monbiot.