Dr David Tuller: The Usual Suspects Promote a Psychosocial “Research Agenda” for Long Covid


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Trial By Error: The Usual Suspects Promote a Psychosocial “Research Agenda” for Long Covid

27 February 2022 3 Comments

By David Tuller, DrPH

In what could be described as a form of epistemic land grab, core members of the graded exercise therapy/cognitive behavior therapy (GET/CBT) ideological brigades have proposed a “research agenda” for long Covid that reflects the premises of their crumbling treatment paradigm for ME/CFS. This is not surprising. It has been clear from the early reports of continuing symptoms after Covid-19 that this powerful cabal would seek to colonize the field and devour a large share of the long Covid funding pie.

“A research agenda for post-COVID-19 fatigue,” published as an editorial by the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, is from a group known as the Collaborative on Fatigue Following Infection (COFFI). The round-up of authors includes some of the usual suspects in this domain of inquiry, such as Rona Moss-Morris, Andrew Lloyd, Simon Wessely, Vegard Wyller, and Hans Knoop. (I have written about shoddy work conducted by each of these authors.) This paper represents the most recent step in the effort to extend their discredited psycho-behavioral strategy for ME/CFS patients to those suffering from long Covid.