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Dr David Tuller: PACE Authors Now Blame “Misunderstandings” for GET/CBT Criticisms


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Trial By Error: PACE Authors Now Blame “Misunderstandings” for GET/CBT Criticisms

23 October 2021 by David Tuller 1 Comment

By David Tuller, DrPH

It is hard to know what to make of the news that a peer-reviewed journal has actually accepted a PACE-reunion paper from the three lead investigators—Professors Michael Sharpe, Trudie Chalder, and Peter White. Even more so for a paper titled–without irony, it seems–“Evidence based care for people with chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis.” This surprising event occurred on October 1st, according to a notice on the website of King’s College London, Professor Chalder’s home base.