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Dr David Tuller: My Letter to Organiser of 4th Columbia Psychomatics Conference


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David is on a roll! :)


My letter to organizer of 4th Columbia Psychosomatics Conference
19 OCTOBER 2018
Yesterday I sent an email to Dr. Landa who had previously written to David Tuller about the 4th Columbia Psychosomatics Conference (link to David’s post). Like David, I was unhappy about Dr. Landa’s note so I decided to write her and see if she might respond better to a Columbia colleague. Apparently my faith in collegiality is misplaced – as of this writing I have not had a response. My email to Dr. Landa is reproduced below.

18 October 2018

Dear Dr. Landa:

I am writing to lend support to the protests surrounding Per Fink’s participating in this weekend’s Psychosomatic Conference, and to protest your email to my colleague, David Tuller.

Dr. Tuller is a Berkeley faculty and journalist who has been writing about ME/CFS on my blog, virology.ws. He has worked to expose bad research in the field, including the PACE trial. I fully support his work. Another Columbia faculty, Bruce Levin, has co-signed letters on these faulty studies on the blog. For you to write off David’s recent post is not acceptable. He has valid concerns should be addressed. Perhaps you are too busy to do so, but it’s not a good reason.

I want to join the voices who are complaining about having Fink participate in the conference. This is simply unacceptable.