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Dr David Tuller: More on the Revised Cochrane Exercise Review 9th Oct 2019


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Trial By Error: More on the Revised Cochrane Exercise Review

9 OCTOBER 2019
By David Tuller, DrPH

Cochrane’s republication last week of its seriously problematic exercise-for-CFS systematic review has triggered an outpouring of comment about the organization’s flawed decision-making and low-quality scientific reasoning. One very smart member of the Science For ME forum, Michiel Tack, posted an excellent overview of the changes between the prior version and the one published last week.

I am reposting it below with his permission. A big disappointment in the review is the last point Michiel makes–that the new version maintains that the evidence for fatigue reduction through exercise is of “moderate” quality. Yet from e-mails exchanged in May between Cochrane and the Norwegian institute representing the review authors, it seemed likely that the quality or certainty of the evidence would be downgraded. David Tovey, Cochrane’s recently retired editor-in-chief, stated clearly in that e-mail exchange that the evidence for fatigue reduction could only be described as of “low” quality or certainty, as I recently reported. Perhaps Karla Soares-Weiser, the new editor-in-chief, disagreed with that position. If so, she is clearly wrong.
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