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Dr David Tuller: Checking in from Melbourne and Canberra 21st March 2018


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Trial By Error: Checking in from Melbourne and Canberra…
21 MARCH 2018
By David Tuller, DrPH

So I’ve been in Australia for a week. In Melbourne on Friday, I was happy to spend a couple of hours with Emerge Australia, the local ME/CFS advocacy group. We had video glitches so there is not a continuous tape of the discussion, but here’s a link to at least the first part:


On Sunday, I participated in a panel discussion after a well-attended screening of Unrest. In the past, when I’ve asked at screenings who in the audience was a patient or care-giver, almost everyone raised their hands. In this case, when I asked who had come out of interest rather than because they were either sick themselves or taking care of someone else, about a third of those in attendance seemed to raise their hands. It was great to see that people not so directly impacted were interested in getting educated.

The others on the panel were (left to right): Neil McGregor, a leading researcher from the University of Melbourne, which is engaged in major biomedical research into the disease; Fane Mensah, a PhD student in immunology at University College London, who is collaborating with the University of Melbourne team; Chris Armstrong, a research colleague of Dr. McGregor’s at Melbourne; and Anna Kerr, a patient advocate.

Here’s a link to the panel discussion: