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Dr David Tuller and Stephen Lubet: CFS may hold keys to understanding post-Covid syndrome


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Here is Dr David Tuller's latest article written with Stephen Lubet about Post Covid and the history of ME that has resulted in the inability of the medical profession to provide appropriate help to the Post Covid Syndrome of the present epidemic.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may hold keys to understanding post-Covid syndrome

JULY 21, 2020

'In spite of the paucity of knowledge about this new syndrome related to Covid-19, British adherents of the unhelpful-beliefs-and-deconditioning hypothesis for ME/CFS have been advising patients with post-Covid symptoms to resume regular activities as soon as possible and to avoid resting too much — exactly the wrong-headed advice given for decades to legions of people with ME/CFS, leaving many worse off than before.

Had U.K. and U.S. medical authorities not been so invested for years in fruitless psychological and behavioral interventions for ME/CFS, perhaps they would have listened over the years when patients told them that exercise and psychotherapy did not get them “back to normal.” Perhaps they would have pursued essential biomedical research instead.

We may now be paying the price for this longstanding disregard, given our urgent need for robust information about the possible long-term consequences of a virus that has already infected millions of people around the world, an unknown number of whom will experience some form of post-Covid disability. Studies of these people are likely to yield significant insights into this viral illness as well as into ME/CFS.

But we would have been far better off in the first place had the medical and research establishments not spent years ignoring or distrusting the voices of patients suffering from a life-changing post-viral syndrome. Perhaps it is time they started listening.'
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This article was published in something called statnews.com - which according to Wikipedia is:
Stat is an American health-oriented news website launched on November 4, 2015 by John W. Henry, the owner of The Boston Globe. It is produced by Boston Globe Media and is headquartered in the Globe's own building in Boston

And the statnews.com site says:
STAT delivers fast, deep, and tough-minded journalism about health, medicine, life sciences and the fast-moving business of making medicines. We take you inside academic labs, biotech boardrooms, and political backrooms. We cast a critical eye on scientific discoveries, scrutinize corporate strategies, and chronicle roiling battles for talent, money, and market share. We examine controversies and puncture hype.

I'd never heard of statnews.com before but it might be worth keeping an eye on --