Dr David Tuller: An Innumerate Response from Chalder to Hughes-Tuller Comments on Bogus Data Analysis


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Trial By Error: An Innumerate Response from Chalder to Hughes-Tuller Comments on Bogus Data Analysis

26 May 2022 2 Comments

By David Tuller, DrPH
Last year, King College London’s professor of cognitive behaviour therapy, Trudie Chalder, published another one of her extremely incompetent papers. This one is so statistically challenged as to be truly mind-boggling, even by Professor Chalder’s extremely low standards. A team of purportedly expert researchers has mangled descriptions of their own data so badly that the paper is rendered literally incomprehensible. When it was published, Mark Vink and Keith Geraghty tweeted about it, respectively, here and here.

My friend and colleague Brian Hughes, a psychology professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and I wrote a letter to the journal, Occupational Medicine, explaining the innumeracy of the paper. Given that it is such a godawful mess, we suggested that the paper should be retracted. This was an aspirational request. And of course, that hasn’t happened.

This week, the journal published both our letter and the authors’ response–which is as innumerate as the paper itself. They suggest the mistakes are not disqualifying but maintain that their language in places is simply “less precise than it could have been.” This explanation is ridiculous. The phrasing they have used throughout the paper is statistically wrong—not just “imprecise.” They did suggest they are “happy to correct” the purportedly “less precise” working. Gee, thanks, Trudie!............................................


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These people are still being funded by the NHS, despite signing an open letter of revolt against the NICE guidelines. For all the talk of changing culture inside the NHS nothing is going to happen when the bulk of NHS clinics for ME/CFS are receiving government funding to continue to use GET and CBT to "treat" people. There research has still been recieving funding too allowing them to continue to pump their poison into journals and the journals wont even withdraw clearly factually incorrect articles and falsified data. At this point its hard to see how any of the British medical system around ME/CFS can possibly be changed when so many are defending these people and continuing to keep them employed on the public purse.