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Dr David Tuller: An Exchange of Letters Concerning Professor Chalder’s Latest Disaster of a Paper


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Trial By Error: An Exchange of Letters Concerning Professor Chalder’s Latest Disaster of a Paper

22 December 2021 by David Tuller Leave a Comment
By David Tuller, DrPH

Last week, Brian Hughes and I sent a letter to Occupational Medicine, which recently published yet another of Professor Trudie Chalder’s awful papers. Among other problems, Professor Chalder and her four co-authors completely misstated their own findings in the text of the paper. We called for retraction of the paper.
In the past, I have preferred to send such letters directly to a journal’s editor or editors—as a way of creating more attention and perhaps triggering some action. My interest has been more in prompting editors to address major issues than in having my letters officially published. In this case, Occupational Medicine’s masthead does not include e-mails for specific editors, so we sent our letter to the journal through the formal submissions process. We also posted it on a pre-print server..........