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Dr David Tuller: A Letter to NICE About the IAPT Programme


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Trial By Error: A Letter to NICE About the IAPT Program
18 JUNE 2018
This morning I sent the following e-mail to key NICE executives involved in the effort to overhaul the clinical guidance for ME/CFS. I cc’d several stakeholders in the process as well.


Dear Sir Andrew and Professor Baker (and others)—

In an e-mail to Sir Andrew last year, I posed some questions concerning the involvement of NICE with the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies program being rolled out across England by the National Health Service. According to the NICE website, the organization is working with IAPT to “assess digitally enabled therapies for anxiety, depression and medically unexplained symptoms which offer the potential to expand these services further.”

Here is part of that e-mail from last fall:

Chronic fatigue syndrome is included in the list of thirteen conditions identified by “the NICE expert IAPT panel” as appropriate targets for interventions developed through this program. The IAPT site indicates that these interventions need to be consistent with NICE guidance. The site then refers readers to CG53 [the 2007 NICE guidance for CFS/ME] but makes no mention that this guidance is undergoing a full update.

Why is chronic fatigue syndrome still listed under the IAPT program?