Dr Bell talking on XMRV


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Pediatrician lauds 'extraordinary' study

Of the 101 CFS patients in the Whittemore test group, XMRV was detected in 68 of them, or 67 percent.

In addition to the 68 CFS patients who had XMRV, three other types of tests showed evidence of XMRV in another 31 people in the clinical group.

In total, 99 our of 101 people had either XMRV or showed evidence of the virus.

"This is an extraordinary number. The implications are extraordinary," said Dr. David S. Bell of Lyndonville.

Bell said if clinical trials are conducted on drugs to treat CFS, it won't happen in Lyndonville. It will have to take place at a medical research facility that would have the staff and resources to perform the studies, he said.

Bell said he'd like to see, at minimum, a satellite research clinic established in Western New York so local CFS patients could participate in the research. He suggested that CFS patients and their families contacted their Congressional delegation to lobby for research to be done in the region.