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Donate to Canary in a Coalmine's "impact campaign" - target $89,000


Fine, thank you
Canary movie said:
In 2013, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund what was then a modest vision: to make a film beautiful and powerful enough to invite others into our hidden world and show what it’s really like to live with this disease.

Thanks to thousands of patients, families and friends, the campaign was successful beyond my wildest dreams. Over time, we brought in prestigious film partners and assembled an award-winning team. And through that process, I came to learn that making the film was just the beginning.

What is impact?

The impact campaign is how documentary films find their audiences and transform those audiences into allies for change. Impact campaigns can run for multiple years and ours, since it will likely span many countries, will need substantial planning to support its goals...

Read more here:


Old Bones

Senior Member
A few days ago, I became aware of the impressive credentials and backgrounds of the filmmakers involved with "Canary in a Coalmine". I speculated, and hoped, they are attempting to make a documentary of such quality that it will be entered in the most prestigious and high-profile film festivals. It appears this is the case, based on the impact campaign described above.

I've made a donation -- small, I acknowledge. But if everyone who is able to does the same, 2017 may finally be the year our illness obtains the attention it deserves.