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Donate 2-20% of your everyday shopping to ME/CFS non-profits or to yourself! (Benefit Mobile)


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SF Bay Area
Continuing the momentum after May 12 and in honor of ME/CFS Awareness Month, let's help our researchers and non-profits do their work!

Download the Benefit Mobile app (http://benefit-mobile.com) and use it at checkout for your everyday shopping, in-store and online, to support ME/CFS non-profits. Each purchase earns between 2% - 20% of the transaction total which is sent to the cause of your choosing.

Participating retailers include Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Starbucks, CVS, Target, Walmart, and many many more... most common places you can shop and eat in the U.S.

Currently, you can select Open Medicine Foundation, Solve ME/CFS Initiative, or Simmaron Research to receive the rebates.

Or, you can even select yourself to receive the rebates to save some money!

Feedback and ideas about fundraising are always appreciated.