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Does this CFS hypothesis hold the road?


Senior Member
If you have a chance to read, it's interesting, though I don't really understand the details ;)

It links fluoride to CFS, but the chain reaction is very well detailled.


Your opinion?

Many people feel better taking large doses of iodine to remove fluoride and bromide from the body. it helps me, I plan to take even higher dose of iodine (near 100 mg) to see what it does. Never went over 50 mg.


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I've done the whole iodine thing. First you clean off the iodine receptors with high dose vitamin C. Then you do the iodine. I got some energy from the iodine, but probably just as much from the ribose in the vitamin C. I would say 2 points on a scale of 0-100 for each.

I was doing Iosol, never got as far as Iodoral or Lugol's.

My naturopath has backed off on how much iodine is safe. They have me taking one drop of Iosol diluted 50% once a week. I was taking at my highest point, 1 drop undiluted once a day. It took me a year to build up to that amount.

It did help my thyroid go back to normal size when it was enlarging. I'm also on Armour Thyroid for autoimmune thyroiditis.


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Just a reminder - we all know that things that work for some of us may be a bust for others, so iodine may be fine for you. But before going at it, you might want to read dreambirdie's thread on her very BAD experience with iodine (started her heart off in a very bad way).