Does lyme not cause M.E.?


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Yeah, I don't really agree that SEID doesn't have pain, I bet over half of the people on these forums experience some kind of pain. Even more strange is to state that ME/CFS doesn't cause pain and depression, but Lyme does. I have seen no evidence to suggest post-Lyme patients have more depression than ME/CFS.

My opinion is that both chronic Lyme and ME/CFS may be significantly overlapping and may be triggered by a similar mechanism following an acute infection. It's just that in the case of chronic Lyme, people can often point to a tick bite and hence a particular pathogen that started the mess. But to separate those two may not be practical, just the way we are not separating enterovirus, Giardia or mold triggered ME/CFS.
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Lyme can cause post-lyme syndrome which is basically a type of ME/CFS, but many might have chronic lyme instead and its just undiagnosed (like it is in my case - 1 of about 20 doctors thinks I have it, though I am certain that I do for various reasons).