Does IBS cause Umbilical Hernia??


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Hi everyone,

Since mid last year, I have noticed that whenever I eat anything high sugar (Not just plain sugar, but also veggies with sugar like Mushroom) I get a 'bulge' coming from my belly button accompanied with a slight pain. It also happens when I eat anything extremely spicy. The bulge stays for 3-4 days and then makes its way back to where ever it came from.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to remedy apart from cut high sugar/spice? I have most of the common symptoms of SIBO so wandering if IBS causes this too? Thanks loads.


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Concord, NH
I haven't experienced those symptoms, but I did have umbilical hernia surgery around 5 years ago, also been diagnosed with IBS, but never knew it until applying for disability, and reviewing my medical records.